Home Sweet Home in October

Steph + Eli 


I think it was a Saturday afternoon when I got a call from Kari, the wedding planner at Home Sweet Home in Templeton, if I was able to stop by and meet with a couple looking for a photographer. I was on my way to go on a hike and thought well of course! Steph and ELI were tasting food from Ribline. I felt a little weird showing up in shorts and a hat but it was last minute and I figured they could actually see the real me. They were honestly one of the coolest couples. So much fun and super laid back. They just wanted some good pics for their fun day and we vibe right away. Our engagement session was a blast and when they described the cool ideas they had for the wedding I was super excited to shoot it. The day of the wedding was exactly as they described. They literally just wanted to have a big party and celebrate with their friends. I didn't even feel like I was working because everything was just such a good time. Everyone was so nice, the speeches were hilarious, and the dance moves were on another level. These types of people and weddings are exactly what makes my job not even seem like work!