Private Backyard Wedding in Atascadero

Kristi + Daniel

09 - 24-2022

Private Residence - Atascadero, California

When Kristi and Daniel first reached out to me back in 2021 they told me they were referred to me by a mutual friend of ours. Turns out, that friend was someone I went to high school with, and that was a pretty cool feeling. Kristi and Daniel were an absolute pleasure to work with and talk to. Their engagement photos were adorable and I LOVED being able to see the love these two shared. I helped them plan their timeline for the big day and went over to their parent's house to check out the property before the wedding to scout out location ideas. Such a beautiful family and I am so honored to have been able to capture some magic. The property was amazing and loved so many of their photos it was hard to pick some for this blog!